We are building contractor specialising in log burning stove installations.  The Ballcam has become an invaluable tool for us.  With the Ballcam we can make a thorough inspection of the chimney with ease, so we know the extent of works which will be required to make the chimney viable for a stove installation.  We can inspect the chimney from ground level and also, when on a ladder we can inspect the very top surface of the chimney around the pots – flaunching - to check this area is intact.  It’s great for us to be able to carry out an accurate survey and it’s great for the client to have instant advice as to what will be required, rather than being faced with unknowns and extras.

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Builders can often find themselves with unforeseens on projects, which can later cost them money and eat into the profits on a job. This is because certain areas have not been seen, due to lack of access at the time of quoting, and allowances for ballpark sums are given instead, which sometimes don’t cover the entirety of the work.

Ballcam allows access to almost all areas, so there will be no unknowns. Even high rise towerblocks can be accessible using Ballcam, by using the extended pole through a window. Ballcam saves you time and gives you the full picture, before quoting for your work, avoiding unforeseen problems that may come later. The initial pictures can be included in your tender document or quotation, enhancing the presentation, which will help win the contract.

  • Take true HD Movies & 16 megapixel photos
  • Extend your view up to 8 metres
  • Watch and control the feed live on your smartphone
  • Sync Multiple Devices to 1 camera

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