Aerial Camera for Roofing Companies

My Ballcam is now an essential tool for the company’, not only does it allow me the chance to give an accurate quote, it helps sell my services to the customer effectively as well, showing them exactly the issue and what we are going to solve before we start work - Fantastic!

Andy Ballman - Kent Roofing

Examples with ballcam

Ballcam For Roofers


Using ladders is often a two man job and with today’s Health and Safety Regulations, it is sometimes difficult and even impossible to gain a vantage point to assess a roof for problems.

Ballcam, with its 8m extension, allows one man, without the need for a ladder, to view most roof elevations, take pictures and then store them on the phone for immediate viewing and instant emailing. This kit will absolutely transform the way you quote work and survey roofs, saving time and winning you work.

  • Take true HD Movies & 16 megapixel photos
  • Extend your view up to 8 metres
  • Watch and control the feed live on your smartphone
  • Sync Multiple Devices to 1 camera

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Inspection Camera

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