The Ballcam has been a triumph in terms of enabling us to produce our own professional property details both in brochure form and web-based.  Standard cameras are all well and good to take internal shots, however, what adds to the external images is an aerial view, which we can now produce ourselves with the Ballcam telescopic camera for our marketing material, rather than engaging a professional photographer.  Not all properties warrant an aerial shot, however, it always assists marketing higher end property.  We are delighted with our acquisition.

Examples with ballcam

For Estate Agents


Selling a property is always about the first impression. Most people look on-line for property first, so the small thumbnail image is the only initial chance you get to catch the attention of potential buyers.

Having a good picture of the front of your property is essential and often the best image can only be taken from vantage point at height. Aerial shots can be commissioned from independent photographers, however, by investing in the Ballcam, this service will never again need to be paid for. The main image for property details can be taken with the Ballcam from a height of up to 8m, also meaning that at times when access cannot be provided, the crucial shot can still be taken.

Ballcam is a High Definition camera with a 10x optical zoom – every time you are guaranteed that perfect image to help sell your client’s property.

  • Take true HD Movies & 16 megapixel photos
  • Extend your view up to 8 metres
  • Watch and control the feed live on your smartphone
  • Sync Multiple Devices to 1 camera

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