Aerial Camera for Property Surveyors

“As a Chartered Building Surveyor, I am always keen to give a client as comprehensive a report as I can on their properties and the defects that are evident. However, on occasion, there are just some areas that cannot be inspected and the recommendation is normally that further investigations be made usually with the use of roof boards or even scaffold to complete a report. However, the ‘Ballcam’ now enables us to view those difficult areas and often provide an instant diagnosis of the problem to hand. The client can therefore benefit from both an immediate ‘informed’ diagnosis whilst saving the inevitable costs involved in further inspections. The blue toothed link to my smartphone is also a cracking use of modern technology! I take my ‘hard hat’ off to Andy and his team. ‘Ballcam’ is now an integral part of my survey and diagnostic kit and every surveyor should have one! ”

Mike Lilford MRICS - Price Lilford Building surveying

Examples with ballcam

For Property Surveyors


As a property surveyor, it is of the utmost importance that both you and your client get an exact picture.

This is great when surveying floors and doors and more.. but waht about those hard to reach and out of view even with a ladder? Well that is where Ballcam is your answer.

With up to an 8 Metre reach and viewable from multiple devices (not to mention HD video recording) you can now see exactly what is going on.

The Ballcam is a no brainer in terms of investment, just think, you no longer need to rely just on your best judgement, but can back this up with photographic and in depth view angles previously unavailable.

  • Take true HD Movies & 16 megapixel photos
  • Extend your view up to 8 metres
  • Watch and control the feed live on your smartphone
  • Sync Multiple Devices to 1 camera

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