The UK's No:1 Inspection Camera

The BallCam is an aerial photography camera that allows you too see unique perspectives and get detailed views of otherwise hard or impossible to reach areas.

The huge benefits of BallCam over equipment such as aerial helicopters is that you can get in close, without the fear of hitting anything with a helicopter for example and if you do – you won’t wreck a £500+ piece of equipment!

What’s more, an infinite number of people can view the feed wirelessly from their own mobile devices at the same time. So, for instance, a roofer can show a client what BallCam sees, which enables explanation of problems in detail. They can then save the photos and/or true HD movies to there devices. Amazing!
Ballcam has 6-10 Metres of height, robust construction and we deliver free to anywhere in the UK– you can trust this is a ‘no-brainer’ of a purchase! Includes VAT where applicable.

  • Take true HD Movies & 16 megapixel photos
  • Extend your view from 6 to 10 metres
  • Watch and control the feed live on your smartphone
  • Record & store your footage for later replay

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Examples with ballcam

Ballcam in action

For Property Surveyors

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Ballcam For Roofers

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For Estate Agents

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Building Contractors

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Only £478.80

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